Traditional Shinto Muso ryu is a large, comprehensive martial system. It includes 64 kata divided into a number of related groups that seek to train the exponent in different ways, building both physical and mental skills. It also includes a number of associated weapons arts that are integrated with the principles and movements of Shinto Muso ryu. SMR instruction is much more one-on-one based, with emphasis on direct teacher-student interaction.

Seitei Jodo was created in the 1950/60’s from the original SMR system and includes 12 basic exercises along with 12 kata. It was developed as a way to teach larger groups of people, initially the Tokyo Metropolitan Police, the fundamentals of using the Jo/Staff and Sword/Tachi. When SMR was opened to more civilians in Japan, the Kendo Federation (Zen Nihon Kendo Renmei – ZNKR) took Seitei Jodo under its wing and continued to make it more accessible to the general public. Seitei Jodo includes examinations for the kyu/dan ‘black belt’ ranking system, as well as limited kata competitions. Neither of these are found in traditional SMR.

In this Dojo we use the Kihon and Seitei Kata to introduce new students to the fundamentals of Jodo. But we do not participate in the ZNKR Federation organized examinations or competitions.