You are right, it can be complex for non-Japanese. And even younger Japanese today can find the intricacies of this difficult. It all starts with basic polite behavior to one another. And a recognition that people grow in this martial art by helping one another.

There are many specific points on how to behave in a Dojo, your Dojo-mates will help you figure these out over time. We conduct training here with a quiet, reserved atmosphere. At the same time enjoying immensely what we study (if you do not enjoy what you study, why do it?). it is not at all like boot camp, with yelling or hazing, which you may have heard is practiced in some Karate or Kendo schools. Not here.

Being respectful to one another in the Dojo is the essence of etiquette. You are in an environment where people are studying combative martial arts with dangerous weapons. That should be a clue to pay attention. In general, take seriously how you behave, as it sets an important tone for the Dojo and for the training.