The school’s name is: Shinto Muso Ryu Jo. Sometimes you see it abbreviated to ‘SMR’. Jo, Jodo and Jojutsu really refer to the same martial art. Japanese do not make a big deal of these different terms. The term ‘Do’ from Jodo means ‘The Way’. As in a spiritual path or a method of self-improvement. ‘Jutsu’ often refers to the martial skill itself. When Japanese society changed from one run by the Samurai (warrior class) to a modern, more egalitarian one, many of the warrior skills no longer had direct relevance in daily life. But those warriors sought to find a positive vehicle for the skills, both mental & physical, that they had learned. In that effort many martial arts, in addition to combative training, also became a vehicle for personal self-improvement. Thus the use of the term ‘Do’ or ‘Way’, ‘Path’, ‘Road’. All with a more spiritual connotation.